Maths and English

I believe strongly in a good education and therefore promote the ethos that learning is fun. At Pip 'n' Squeaks I encourage early reading skills and the development of early math skills. In order to complete this, I provide the children with a whole bookshelf of books and have collated a series of story sacks to entice the children's imagination. In order to support their maths skills we complete worksheets, sing songs and bake.

The Great Outdoors

Pip 'n' Squeaks has a well equipped secure garden to the rear of the setting which is secured by a 6ft fence and a locked gate. In the spring the children are encouraged to help with gardening and throughout the year they have full access to things such as water trays, sand trays and the mud kitchen. As well as having the garden, the setting is also close to two local parks and is situated in a green belt area giving the children opportunities to explore nature.

Free Play

As well as learning through a conventional education system I believe that children learn through play. At Pip 'n' Squeaks I therefore encourage the children to have free play in the morning, where they can chose an activity of their choice. During this time children have the opportunity to dress up, play shops, sing and dance, build things, complete puzzles, enhance their ICT skills, play in a group, work on their own projects, explore treasure boxes and much more.

Art and Craft

At Pip 'n' Squeaks we love to get messy and therefore you will often find us completing art projects or working on bits of craft. Whether it is to celebrate a holiday or religious festival or even the change of season we work with a large variety of materials to create pieces which we have fun making and hope that you as parents will love to take home. As well as having fun, the ability to use arts and crafts helps to develop knowledge of a subject, increase a child's imagination and encourage 'mark-making' and early writing skills.

Day Trips

As well as having fun in the setting, the children also benefit from a large number of day trips. I have full UK driving licence and a car in which I am insured to drive and therefore enjoy taking the children to a variety of places around Devon. Some of our day trips include; going to the park, visiting the library, going to museums, zoos and soft play. We also enjoy the beach, having picnics and running around at Powderham Castle; (which have a fantastic theatre company throughout the summer.